A Message From CEO

Mr.Ratheesh Kumar

Our company is glad to be one of the best building and construction material providers across the UAE. When construction and building components are the backbones of the construction sector, ensuring their quality is extremely essential.

We, at Meftah Al Qamar, strive to offer best-in-class products for projects based on customized requirements. Our ultimate motive is to bring cost-effective solutions to our clientele without compromising quality. While adopting an ambitious action plan, we make sure to add new production lines for touching the milestones of our production and supply chain management goals. That’s how we will be contributing to the overall economic development of the nation.

Since our company’s inception, there isn’t a single day when we stopped brainstorming innovative ideas for ensuring customer satisfaction. We’ve been working hard every day and will continue to do it. All in all, our vision is crystal clear and angles toward building a lasting camaraderie with clients.

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