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Our Mission

We help building infrastructure that’s innovative on every level

Our mission is to be a leading provider in Building and Construction Material Trading industry by offering world-class products to our customers. We are dedicated to meeting all customer’s expectations and building long-term business relationships with our customers by treating them honestly, ethically, and respectfully.


Our Vision is to enhance our customers’ lives by providing high-quality products and services. Our business is based on relationships, and we strive to build a lasting camaraderie with all our clients through our work culture.

An Introduction

Meftah Al Qamar is a Dubai-based building and construction material trading company that sets a benchmark when it comes to offering a wide range of tile products of various segments to customers.

Since our commencement, we have been following an integrated approach to building better relationships with the clients. Our highly communicative and responsive approach during a project is something which makes our customers believe in us. We stay in touch with the day-to-day market trends to ensure impeccable customer experiences.

There isn’t a single day when we aren’t working on improving our quality. We do it every second and every day. It’s the hard work and dedication of our team of professionals that has helped us to reach the milestones of Success in our journey so far.

Why Meftah Al Qamar?

Meftah Al Qamar is a pioneer importer of construction finishes like tiles and sanitary with an Impeccable range of over 128 SKU designs. With our well-equipped OEM units, we have been helping our clientele to sprinkle elegance into their construction projects.

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